Monday, December 13, 2010

Vertikal Riesling 2007

Along the Mosel river in central Germany lies some of the world’s most successful Riesling vineyards. The Mosel region is renowned for producing very high quality sweet white wines due to its reasonably temperate climate and steeply sloping hills.

A few years ago Precept brands acquired the importing and bottling rights to the Vertikal brand. Vertikal offers several different types of varietals including Spatlese, Auslase, Muller Thurgau, and Pinot Noir.

The 2007 Riesling Qualitatswein was the result of optimal growing conditions in Mosel that year. The blooms came on heavy and early, giving the grapes plenty of hang time before harvest. The sugar levels were just right. It was truly a “boom” year.

Because of the great harvest, the winery was able to produce 2001 cases of pretty good juice. This lowers the supply and demand curve, making this wine very reasonable for the quality.

My impressions of the 2007 Riesling were very pleasant indeed. Definitely sweet, but not overly cloying, the wine comes in at about 2.5 percent sugar with a relatively low alcohol level of 9.5%. This makes the wine well balanced and full of flavor. A nose and flavors of fresh peaches and pear, with a nice clean finish balances the wine very nicely.

I got this bottle from Grocery Outlet. The cost is a great $3.99 per bottle, and the Kennewick store has about 10 cases left. I suggest you get there and make your purchase soon. Also, realize that this is a 2007. It needs to be consumed in the next few weeks or months. White wines do not usually increase with age. This is no exception.


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  1. There's a bunch of this at our local GO. Haven't tired it. Ours has another German (Rhine, not Mosel in this case) Reisling: Karl Joh. Molitor Hattenheimer Reingau Kabinett 2007, but just a few bottles left. Unfreakingbelievable for the price ($4). Semi sweet (don't know for sure but I'm guessing 2-3%), 9.5%ABV, with incredible apricot, stone fruit notes.

    Let me also put in a good word for the Nevis Bluff Central Otago Pinot Noir. It's a 2002 that has held up beautifully for what was released as a drink-now pinot. A fine food wine. Pure Central Otago: Lean, minerally, strong acidity. A steal at <$4. We'll be drinking this one all winter.


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