Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red Wine and Chocolate A Perfect Getaway Gift

Do you have a lover that really gets excited at the sound of a popping cork? Do they get a little bit more romantic when they have a glass in their hand? Do they consider wine to be a serious libido booster? Well, have I got a perfect Valentines Day gift for you! Why not give them the gift of red wine and chocolate?

The Yakima Valley wine region is celebrating again this year with its biggest Red Wine and Chocolate event ever. This year 52 wineries throughout the region will be participating in the event, which will be occurring the 19th and 20th of February this year.

By going out to the Yakima Valley Wine Association web site you can view all of the particulars on the wineries from A through Z. If you are coming out of Oregon to this event you can start right in the Tri Cities at Goose Ridge Winery and Barnard Griffin, and work your way all the way to Yakima.

The wineries are as far reaching in this event as they are varied in their level of participation. By buying passes from the Yakima Valley Wine Association at you are not only getting $5 off of your pass, but you are also opening yourself up to a range of great deals, treats, and samples from the participating wineries.

A few of my favorite places to visit for sweets during the Red Wine and Chocolate event are the Port soaked cherries at Hinzerling, and “Mom’s Chocolate Mousse” at Two Mountains Winery.

Other wineries offer new wine releases for the event. One such winery is Terra Blanca, who celebrates their annual Onyx release party on this weekend. People travel from all over the northwest to catch this amazing gala event.

Many places are offering deep discounts on their most popular wines. A perfect example is at Goose Ridge, where they will be offering their G3, Sol Duc, and Reserve Syrah at unbelievably low prices. Other wineries are offering case and bottle discounts for pass holders only.

If nothing else, there is always the entertainment that is offered at this fabulous event. Many of the wineries will be having chefs displaying and tasting out their creations, others will have live music, and several more will be displaying the art of many talented northwest artists.

Cost for the Yakima Red Wine and Chocolate event is $35 for the entire pass. There are several hotels and bed and breakfasts offering overnight packages. Also, if you wish to take a guided tour and leave your car in a safe place that option is available too through the site.

If you are going down the Columbia toward Portland you can always stop in and say hi to my friend Terrence at Waving Tree. He and Evelyn will be putting out a big spread, music, and tasting of their entire portfolio both Valentines weekend and President’s Day weekend.

I also heard from Lloyd at Sno Road Winery. He will be hosting a red wine and chocolate event at the tasting room in Echo. Honestly, I lost his email with all of the particulars, but it sounded like a blast. I’m sure you can call the tasting room for the particulars.



  1. Rich your blog is very "Rich" with information :) I love that you are blogging about our local wines. I am going to link you up with our Women Who Wine blog and pass on your wonderful resource here! Great meeting you and your wife last night.

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  3. It was great meeting you too last night! I'll put you on as a blog that I follow. It might be fun to do an article about women who wine as well. Take care!


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