Tuesday, March 1, 2011

4 New Must Trys at Grocery Outlet

Just thought I'd drop a quick note in here about a few wines that just arrived at the Kennewick Grocery Outlet. My assumptions are that many of the other 95+ stores nationwide have also received some lot of these wines. These four wines are definitely worth mention, and I hope you get there to pick some up before everyone else.

The first two wines that I want to talk about are from Pacific Rim winemakers out of Santa Cruz California. Now, why are these wines so special to me? Because the grapes are litterally grown in my back yard! Yes. The grapes from these wines are sourced from my good friends the DenHoed family in Sunnyside Washington. But, even more importantly is that the grapes are actually grown just over the hill from my house in Kennewick.

Bill DenHoed has several acres of Riesling, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes overlooking the Columbia River just south of my home. He is the primary provider of juice to Pacific Rim. That makes the wine local regardless of where it is fermented and bottled.

The Pacific Rim Dry Riesling is truly one of my favorite dry Rieslings. It is crisp and lush with fruit flavors, yet not sweet. A lot of flavor without the cloying sugar. The finish is nice and crisp due to a clean acidity.

The 2007 Chenin Blanc from Pacific Rim is also crisp, with plenty of floral aromas and flavors of pear, lime, and creme brulee. This wine is great to just sit and sip in the evenings.

Other than the Pacific Rim wines I also want to talk about two other California wines.

Beaulieu Vineyard is will known as one of the main staple vintners from California. Usually on the shelves you will find their Cab, Merlot, or Chardonnay. But, when I was looking down the shelves the other day I found their 2007 Grenache from their San Benito South Hart Vineyard. I grabbed a bottle and headed for home. This wine was lush on the nose and palate with bright raspberries and cherries. A nice soft finish made it perfect with my Sunday ham dinner.

Last, I tasted the 2007 Manifesto Sauvignon Blanc. For $3.99 a bottle you can't beat this showcase of a Sauvignon Blanc. Lots of citrus on the nose, leading to a wonderfully creamy Malolactic on the mid palate, and finishing with a bright acidity. Great with seafood.


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