Friday, April 1, 2011

No April Fool's Day Joke at Grocery Outlet Today


Ok. Be still my racing heart. I just came home from Grocery Outlet, where I seriously scored some amazing wines for uber cheap.

I know you're thinking, "aw Rich, It's April Fool's Day and you're playing a joke on us". No!! Seriously!

Let me tell you what I just picked up off of their 20% off sale this afternoon. Don't worry, as soon as I can get the wife to free up some more allowance I'll be back for more.

First, my friends at Claar cellars had a private label made a few years ago. 2002 to be exact. The wine is called Wooded Island. They had a bunch of the Merlot left over and liquidated it out to the G.O. company a few weeks ago. I just opened it and it was fantastic! Just know that anything this old isn't going to open quickly, and every few bottles is going to have a bad cork. Be prepared to decant this one.

Second, I picked up a bottle of Hayman and Hill 2007 Dry Creek Zinfandel. This Sonoma is filled with pepper and blackberry. Spicy and good.

Another fantastic find was Toasted Head Barrel Reserve Chardonnay and Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. I purchased the Pinot Noir, and was very pleasantly surprised at the earthen flavors mixed into the bright fruit of this wine. It's a touch hot on the alcohol, but at $5 it's worth it.

Third, I found a bunch of splits of Sageland Red Blend and Canoe Ridge Merlot for $2.99 before the price break. I love love love splits of wine. Perfect for the one to two glass evening when you don't have time to kill a whole bottle. I haven't tasted them yet, but I'm excited for the opportunity that presents itself!

Last, and possibly the best wine purchase I've ever made at Grocery Outlet is the 2005 Reserve Merlot from Canoe Ridge. OMG! This is a fantastic purchase at $5.99. Not to mention that there is an additional 20% off of that price. Rich with fruit and full of flavor, this wine is supple and features a gorgeous finish.

G.O. planned for a big sale this time, and the back room is filled with many more treasures to come. I say get down there right away and buy big. Like all Grocery Outlet wine bargains these wines won't be around long.

Hey, and while you're in the store, do me a huge favor. Ask to speak to Dane, the owner and thank him for owning and running the store this past year. He and Jamie, his wife have been absolutely fantastic to work with, and have been a great addition to our community. In spite of the crappy location that the company chose for this store, They have done a fantastic job of making a success out of it!




  1. The Canoe Ridge Reserve Merlot is sold out in Kennewick ATM. I'm in the Puget Sound area and haven't seen it in my stores so I called a friend in Kennewick (I'm ~5 days/month in KPR).

    A friend in the wine industry said that the great deals on Sagelands and Canoe Ridge are because they were sold to Precept Wines in February so the inventory is being liquidated, then he asked me to grab him a case of splits of Sagelands Ellipse (port, labeled as red dessert wine) for $3. For the sweet white wine drinkers, CR 06 Late Harvest Chard/Reisling split $5.

    Interesting on the Wooded Island, I bought a bottle and couldn't find out any info, thanks.

    If it is in your market, Le Chanceux 05 Napa Cab $10 is outstanding.

    Tonight I'm drinking the 05 CR Cabernet Franc from GrocOut ($6).

  2. Oh you are killing me here. As a Canadian I will never be able to enjoy those types of markdowns due to how heavily our wines and spirits are taxed here.
    I do feel like a kid in a candy store every time I cross that border though. A naughty kid because we can't even buy it in a grocery store here.

  3. Rich, just found your blog...your article reminds me its time to check my local G.O. store again...Precept Wines is almost done liquidating their 2003 The Gate shiraz as I was told they prefer their Shingleback label...found a case of The Gate at the Wenatchee G.O. store for $12.99 a bottle last summer...we had paid upwards of $20+ per bottle in retail stores...I find myself using my wife's internet enabled phone to check out wines I am not familiar with while in a G.O. store...


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