Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terra Blanca's New Onyx Very Drinkable

Last Saturday night my wife and I attended Terra Blanca's annual Onyx release winemaker's dinner. It was an absolutely fantastic night! We had a great time, the wines were great, and the food was divine.

I learned something new at this release about Keith Pilgrim's Onyx that I didn't know before. Apparently, Keith designs every other year's release to be either immediately drinkable, or one that needs to lay down for a few years. This year's release is definitely ready to drink, which was proven at the dinner that night.

The 2005 Onyx is rich with flavors of dark cherries and plum. It has a faint distinctive aroma of cedar that I've come to love in many of the Terra Blanca reds. Pepper and spices take the wine to a long lasting finish.

This is definitely a wine that you can enjoy now, or lay down for up to 5 years.

Thanks Keith and Renee for another beatiful wine and great evening at the winery!

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