Saturday, May 9, 2009

Give Mom Wine For Mother’s Day

As far as I’m concerned, there are two things in this world that prove that God exists…mothers and wine. Truly, if there is a great and wondrous being out there, which I believe there is, then what better way to show a sign of love, than these two wonderful and heavenly inventions.

Now that I’ve offended half of you, and confused the other half (no…this is not the religion section). I want to enhance my argument by showing that the two are meant to be together. How many times have you been at a party or event and seen women drinking wine, while the guys slug down beer.

I’m not saying that a real lady doesn’t appreciate beer, or that a manly man can’t enjoy a good glass of wine. But, women enjoy the nuances of wine so much more than us guys do. This is supported by recent studies showing that women are able to sense the esters in wine easier than guys.

To further my case, I have enormous experience standing in tasting events. In that experience I am never surprised to see women come out in droves to taste, enjoy, and mingle. There really is no argument against it. Women just simply love wine!

My point now being well established, I want to make the point that your mom deserves wine this Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate your mom than adding a bottle to her gift basket or giving her a wine experience somewhere in the area. I’ve thought of a few examples of things you might offer mom this year. If I were a mom, I probably would love any one of these things.

Several women winemakers are now gracing the industry in this region. Bergevin Lane winery is owned by Annette Bergevin and Amber lane. Their wines are a great celebration of womanhood, from their lively and brilliant Viognier to their lively Oui Deux Syrah. Also, the wines of Dama are now available in Eastern Oregon. Mary Derby and Dawn Kammer have taken the womanhood concept to the fullest. Their website melds wines and fashion together using quotes from Channel and Yves Saint Laurent.

Other female winemakers from the region are Lynne Chamberlain, owner and winemaker for JLC Cellars, and Susan Cowan of Cowan Vineyards. Lynne’s Palate red blend, and Susan’s Tartan Red are among some of my favorite red blends from the region.

If you want to offer your mom something wine oriented that also includes a little togetherness as well, I suggest taking mom on a wine tour, or engaging in a wine class. I suggest taking mom out to a wine event. There are several throughout the year. You can give her a “promise” with a certificate to go to one of the many annual events such as Hermiston’s Wine and Cheese, and follow up with your promise in November.

There are also several places in the region that offer great opportunities to sip wine and visit with mom on a more frequent basis. In Pendleton, Great Pacific, Raphael’s, Hamleys, Como’s, and Stetsons all offer huge wine lists, with several by the glass options. In Hermiston, Farmer’s Kitchen offers a sizeable wine list, including some of the region’s best rated wines.

If you want a great wine gift basket, I suggest contacting Bellingers or Petal Pusher in Hermiston. Both have created beautiful custom baskets for me that my wife adored!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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