Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm On Idrinkyourwine.com

I just got home from Professional Photographers of Washington Spring Educational Conference where I enjoyed a few days off, drinking wine, and catching up with friends. We also got to hear from several world renowned photographers who've really got things going.

In my absence I didn't get a chance to share my good news of being the featured video on www.idrinkyourwine.com . My friend Dan McCool has a new viral marketing video blog at this site. It is a great way to promote your message, while you enjoy a bottle of wine with him at his studio or at your location.

He has a few openings left for this month, however they are going like hotcakes right now. I suggest going to www.idrinkyourwine.com and checking out my visit with him that aired April 6th, along with several other videos that have aired to date.

Then, if you have a stump to stand on, or a product or service that you want to tell the world about, I suggest getting in touch with Dan and having him do a video with you.


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